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Hermitcraft like server

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Hermitcraft Datapacks

Hermitcraft Datapacks

The server has selected 11 datapacks that are being used by hermitcraft server:
– Afk Name Changer
– Anti Enderman Grief
– Customizable Armor Stand
– Double Shulker Shells
– Craft Double Slabs
– Dragons drop Elytra
– More Mob Head Drops
– Eight Stairs
– Multiplayer Sleep
– Silence Mobs
– Universal Dyeing

Live Map

Live map plugin “dynmap” allows us to view real-time location of players and aerial view of the map.

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Live Map
Rollback Plugin

Rollback Plugin

Advanced Anti grief plugin will enable admins and mods to get your Stuff back and restore your base!
Simply contact the owner or mods!